Your Donations


Hello OCYS family,

First and foremost, we want to acknowledge what a rapidly-changing and often challenging year 2020 has been for the world, for the Orlando community, and for all the young people that Orlando City Youth Soccer serves. In the face of a global pandemic, as well as a harsh hurricane season here on the east coast, people have had to adjust their entire lives with very little notice. OCYS players in particular have felt the stresses that this year has presented, yet, we have continued to come together as a club in fun and creative ways to keep one thing a constant: our shared love of soccer.


We’re excited to announce that despite the challenges of 2020, we have accomplished quite a lot!

  • All of our teams completed a fall season even with the challenges we have all faced this year

  • Hosted a very successful Columbus Day tournament weekend

  • Held a wonderful Breast Cancer Awareness event in October 

  • Organized a shoe drive where we donated over 500 pairs of cleats to kids in need in South America


At this important time, if you are able, we encourage you to support Orlando City Youth Soccer’s Financial Assistance program, which will allow even more incredible players to continue practicing and playing the sport that we love.




In 2020, OCYS offered $20,000 to 48 players in the club. Our goal is to increase that amount in 2021 to aid even more families recovering from COVID-related losses and the need for athletic outlets becomes even greater.


Financial Aid covers OCYS club fees, player insurances and league fees


As 2020 comes to a close, please consider financially supporting Orlando City Youth Soccer at whatever level you are comfortable. Your contribution will ensure that OCYS will continue to deliver player development resources and personal support to all members of our community

On behalf of the entire OCYS team, thank you for your support and dedication to the journeys of our young people.


Kind Regards,

Orlando City Youth Soccer