3 Days per Week Minimum Greater Central Florida Region League High School Permitted
  2-4 Tournaments, Possible out of state tournament Players expected to attend all training sessions, league games and tournaments
Possible Training Locations:  Seminole, Boombah, Moore's Station, Econ    


SR ACADEMY CLUB FEES 2022-2023 SEASONAL YEAR $2300 Varies by Team
  • Non Refundable Deposit
  • OCSS-Seminole Pre Season Camp, 4 day, attended/coached by college coaches
  • League Registration Fees
  • Club Administration Fees
  • Coach/Team Admin Risk Mgmt. Fees
  • Field Usage Fees (outside the complex)
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Seminole Soccer Complex(owned by 501(C)(3) Seminole Soccer Club, dba.OCYS
  • Seminole Soccer Complex/Insurance/Office Utilities
  • 1st League Referee & Assignor Fees
  • Club Training fees, including coach salary
  • Coach Education
  • Specialized training sessions
  • Goalkeeper in season training sessions
  • Player registration/affiliation fees, as set by ECNL, FYSA and US Club Soccer.
  • State Competition Application fee or other team appropriate Competition
  • Playmetrics Fee
  • Groundwork Banking
  • College Recruiting Software & Player Media Guides
  • College Advisory Placement
  • Elective tournament entry fee as determined by Club and/or Coach for each individual team
  • Uniform Cost (Cycles every two years)
  • Parent/Player tournament & league travel expenses
  • Coaches travel expenses, as specified in the OCSS-Seminole Financial Policies and Policies & Pledges under Coach per diem
  • Participation in Annual Cancer T-Shirt Fundraiser
  • Participation in Annual Soccer-A-Thon
  • College Coach/Team Media Pamphlets
  • Non-league referee fees or 2nd league referee/assignor fees
  • Scrimmage referee/Scrimmage game fees
  • Incidental costs during travel (laundry, entertainment, misc.,snacks etc.)

*Uniform Kit purchased by player's parent/guardian from United World Soccer  **Subject to change