Orlando City Cup COVID Guidelines

Prior to Entering Event Complex

  • All attendees and staff are advised to self monitor temperatures prior to arriving at the field and not to arrive if above 100.4 degrees.
  • Wear masks when carpooling.

Upon Entry to Event Complex

  • Spectators are encouraged to wear masks at all times and maintain social distance of 6 ft.
  • Coaches will remind their spectators to social distance.

During Event

  • Teams will be instructed not to shake hands after the game.
  • Follow social distance directions around concession and facilities
  • Teams shall keep social distance while on sideline
  • Players shall bring their own hydration and sanitizer to utilize during the match and encourage teams to disinfect bench area prior to use
  • Facilites will be supplied with soap and/or santizer.  Santizer will be available throughout facilities.
  • Spectators shall not congregate under pavilions or sidelines.
  • Coaches shall direct team to stay in vehicles until designated time to enter warm up area, during this time teams will keep distance from others warming up and or playing.
  • Players and Coaches must wear masks during walk to and from field to car.
  • Players shall wear a mask while speaking with a trainer.
  • Home team shall provide game ball/s and disinfect after match.
  • No spitting will be allowed on the field, sidelines, or an where on the event premises.
  • Masks shall be worn while in line to concession, restrooms and to and from vehicle to field.
  • It is strongly recommeded that only one parent/supporter per player attend.
  • Anyone feeling sick should leave the complex immediately.


  • Any referee with symtoms must not work any event.
  • All referees will have thier temperature taken prior to their first game each day of the event.
  • All referees are required to wear face coverings while moving between the parking lot and the fields.

Read the CDC Recommendations in it's entirety: