Orlando City Cup

Orlando City Cup


2021 Tournament Overview


Tournament Dates:  October 8-10, 2021*

*Friday night game only for local teams

2012-2013 Boys & Girls 7v7 - 3 Game Minimum $675.00 REGISTER HERE
2010-2011 Boys & Girls 9v9 - 3 Game Minimum $725.00 REGISTER HERE
2009-2003 Boys & Girls 11v11 - 3 Game Minimum $775.00 REGISTER HERE


Welcome to the Orlando City Cup 2021 at Orlando City Tournaments, you will find a festive atmosphere on our sites, in our hotels and our local area restaurants. We ask you all to remember that we are here to play and support those who are participating and that in enjoying the competition, you remember the virtues of sportsmanship and respect for players, coaches, referees, volunteers and families.

Below and in the sub menu to the right you will find helpful information about virtual pass card & game check in, traffic, text alerts and directions to facilities we are using. As well as local restaurant specials. 



Part of the application process is to book at one of our partner hotels.  


Your team manager may also email tanya.neidert@ocyouthsoccer.com for assistance with team accommodations.





Game Pass cards & Roster

Game Passcards & Roster

Anyone that uses GotSoccer and you have updated coaches, players and photos can use the app to check in with the referee with your virtual passes. No paper required. Team Managers & Coaches should follow directions here to download the application. 

All other teams must use tournament approved paper roster and Passcards.

A few reminders:

1. 4 coaches are permitted on the bench, no more.

2. For 11v11 rosters – a maximum of 18 players dressed for the game.

3. For 9v9 rosters – a maximum of 16 players dressed for the game.

4. For 7v7 rosters – a maximum of 12 players dressed for the game.

Parking At Seminole Soccer Complex

Parking at Seminole Soccer Complex, Lake Sylvan & Overflow Plan

Seminole Soccer complex has parking availability for 600 cars and with some retention of water in our central median we have organized additional overflow parking at off complex sites and will be running passenger golf carts to assist people coming to and from the complex.

We STRONGLY encourage you to car pool from your respective hotels and/or with your teams, but if you are driving and Seminole Complex is full, the Sheriff’s and staff will direct you to overflow parking. Please allow an additional 15 minutes of time.

There are 3 sites for overflow parking all within walking distance.

Sylvan Lake Park – East Side Gates to Seminole Soccer Complex will be open. Walking distance is 0.5 miles, estimated 8-10 minutes.

2 Trailheads: Markham Woods & Hedge Sparrows road are 6-8 minutes’ walk along a paved trail.

Complex Sites, Directions & Park Rules

Complex Sites, Directions & Park Rules

Rules differ by park and complex. Please review the maps and rules of the park.

Seminole Soccer Complex (click for directions). Seminole Soccer Complex does not permit pets unless they are service animals. Please check in at HQ and alert staff to the presence of your service animal. At Seminole Soccer Complex we do not permit the following items;

  • No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Smoking (of any product to include vaping).

  • No profanity or fighting.

  • No propane or open fires, such as BBQ grills or heating aparatus. 

Sylvan Lake Park (click for map, rules and directions)
East Lake Community Park (click for map, rules and directions)
Boombah Sports Complex  (click for map, rules and directions)



US Club Sanctioned

US Club Sanctioned