Sponsorship Opportunities

Following on from our “Turn On The Lights” project that was announced on Thursday, which involves the installation of lights on Fields 1 and 2 at Seminole in early Spring of 2023, we are excited to release our new Sponsorship Opportunities at Seminole Soccer Complex.

We are extremely grateful for our membership support during our past fundraising events and are excited for this support from our members and local businesses to continue, as we make progress with our complex improvement plan.

These exciting new Sponsorship opportunities allow local businesses to create a mutually beneficial partnership with OCSS-Seminole by promoting their brand and increasing their awareness within the community. Examples of our sponsorship opportunities, offering different tiers of benefits, include complex and field sponsorship, the stadium naming rights, fence banners and more.

If you are interested in donating towards our capital plan or partnering through our sponsorship program, please see more information here or contact our sponsorship & fundraising team at dan.nolan@ocyouthsoccer.com. All proceeds generated go directly towards our capital campaign and complex improvement plan.