Jr. Boys Wrap Preseason - Roll Into League Play

Most Jr. Boys teams have now officially kicked off the season, with the remaining few starting competitive games very soon. We are excited for this new season, and can already see significant growth of our teams and individual players. Over the past month of training,  teams were working in all different parts of the game, technically, tactically, mentally, and physically. We also had the opportunity to compete in several pre-season scrimmages against other clubs, and teams within the club.

The Jacksonville Tournament gave the coaches their first opportunities to see our teams in action against good teams from across the region. Our young boys represent the club very well, with some wins and some losses but overall showing a lot of enthusiasm and desire to play to the last minute of the game.

As we get into the league season, coaches are focused on competitive practices and encouraging players to keep working hard to get better and not be afraid to make mistakes, giving them the confidence to try new things.

Our goal as a club is to develop top players and individuals, it is a long process that demands lots of patience and great support from coaches, parents, and families. we want to make sure our young developing players keep learning the game the right way, compete at every game, and have fun in this process.