Excitement is in the air and our focus is on development and respect

We are about to kick off the 2021-22 season in full force and are excited about the year to come. Our goal of becoming the best Developmental Club in the country for all levels of membership is fully in sight. We are tailoring our programs with the following in mind:

  • To develop an environment where players may improve skills in order to compete at their highest level possible
  • To foster a love and respect for the game and its participants
  • To provide an environment where players are constantly challenged to perform to their fullest potential in training sessions and matches
  • To create loyalty to the game and the organization
  • To create a vehicle where the players can participate in the club activities as long as they desire
  • To help players reach their maximum potential

We have added 9 nationally licensed educators to our already stellar coaching staff. We have plans to incorporate even more coaching education with the goal of helping our coaches maintain the highest quality of teaching methods. We are also constantly looking to improve everything we do and here at Orlando City Soccer School - Seminole it all starts with respect. 

We will have one fundamental word to live by in our club:


Respect for the ball, treat it well at all times
Respect for the game 
Respect for your teammates and your team
Respect for the principles of the game, be loyal to them
Respect for the opponent
Respect for the moral integrity to win because we work the hardest to be the best team
Respect for the Team Shirt, the club, and its history. Pride

In our club membership, it is our players’ and coaches’ commitment to the club and the community that makes our club special. For the members, it is about being part of an organization, which promotes values, which the membership believes, are critical to society. For the players, it is about commitment to a club and team which provides their fellow members with an opportunity to train daily in an organization that is set up to allow them to reach maximum potential and maximum enjoyment playing and competing in the game. We look forward to an exciting season and for our long-time members we are so excited to have you all back at the fields; and for those of you who are new “WELCOME”

Dave Dir 
Executive Director