Learn More About the Strikers and Goalkeepers Camp

Learn More About the Strikers and Goalkeepers Camp

Strikers & Goalkeepers Camp

One of our most highly anticipated annual camps! The Strikers and Goalkeepers camp is designed to help the serious player develop in a position-specific environment. This highly specialized camp provides players with the high-volume repetition needed at these specialized positions. Players train with and learn from Orlando’s top striker and goalkeeping coaches. Our half-day camp is open to all players that are serious about receiving intense position-specific training.

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Developing Elite Strikers

Our Striker training sessions focus on the techniques and tactics you need to be an elite striker. Campers will develop proper ball-striking technique and understand when and how to use different ball-striking techniques in front of goal. You’ll also gain a better understanding of positional play, combination play and match situations that will put you in a better position to score more goals.

Camp Schedule

Day 1: Getting a shot away with time and under pressure from the 18yd box
Day 2: Breakaway, 1 on 1 with the GK. Making the decision to shoot early or go round the GK
Day 3: Movement and finishing inside the 18 from a cross.  Back to goal turn to finish 
Day 4: Runs outside, inside and around the box to lose defenders before finishing

Training Top Goalkeepers

The ideal camp for elite goalkeepers that are ready to compete at the next level. Goalkeepers work with OCSS-Seminole staff coaches and goalkeeping experts on the techniques and mental aspects that will propel your goalkeeping play. The dedicated goalkeeping training is ideal for serious goalkeepers of all ages.

Camp Schedule

Day 1: Handling Techniques, Working off angles and Set Timing
Day 2: Breakaway techniques - Block saves, split saves - can you make up ground or do you play lower
Day 3: Crossing (catching and punching) and dealing with cutbacks
Day 4: Shot Stopping day - deflections and unsighted views

About the camp:

  • Ideal for elite and competitive strikers and goalkeepers
  • Dedicated positional coaching from top coaches
  • Half-day format allows for intensive training and optimizes time on the ball
  • Technique training focused on building a strong foundation
  • Match awareness and situational training develops a better understanding of the game

Expert Coaches

Strikers train with a professional coaching staff led by Orlando City Soccer School – Seminole Director of Coaching Paul Shaw. Coach Shaw shares his knowledge and expertise based on his years and a professional player and his 10+ years of helping youth strikers develop the skills and tactical understanding needed at the top levels of play.

Dedicated goalkeeping training sessions are coached by OCSS-Seminole goalkeeping coaches. Our dedicated goalkeeping specialists have helped male and female goalkeepers reach the top level across all ages of the club.