Seminole Soccer League Game Day Procedure


  1. An official SSL match report must be completed for each SSL competition.

  2. The home team provides the match report.  This can be printed from your team's gotsoccer SSL page under the schedule tab.  There is a PDF logo next to the match #.

  3. Both teams must present a roster and referee fees to the referee prior to the match.

  4. Both teams are responsible to ensure all player cards and rosters are valid.  

  5. Following the match, the match report must be completed in full and signed by both teams.

  6. The home team receives the match report, both rosters and within 24 hours emails them to

  7. The home team calls in the match score within 24 hours. Phone 904-758-0875, Event #60979 Pin#2121, information also on match report.

  8. Each player except goalkeeper shall have a number on the player's jersey and be clearly visible.  Each player on a team must wear a number different from the number of every other player on the team.  It is expected that the home team on the match schedule/report is to wear light/white colored jerseys and socks.

  9. Link to League Rules

Referee Fees


Center $30

AR 1 $15

AR 2 $15


Center $40

AR 1 $20

AR 2 $20


Center $50

AR 1 $25

AR 2 $25


Center $60

AR 1 $30

AR 1 $30


Match Length

​One match per day

2007-2008  2x30

2006-2005  2x40

2004-2000  2x45

Two matches per day

2007-2008  2x25

2006-2000  2x35