Player Development Pathway -

"Through every stage at every age fun and enjoyment for training/games and being with our teammates/coaches should be the priority. 

With all of our junior teams the goal is to maximize individual player development. Players should be creative and be able to problem solve on the field. The ability to beat a player individually or at least unbalance the opponent should be the goal in every area of the field. Tactical understanding at 7v7 or 9v9 should be taught but not at the expense of the individual development. Players should play all positions

U13/14 should be the hybrid age where individual development is still very high for these players but understanding the 11v11 game and the technical and tactical knowledge needed should be more prominent than at junior ages. Learning the importance of winning should be introduced but again not at the expense of the development of a player.  Players should play 3-4 positions 

U15/16 should be the age where the player should continue to understand the importance of working as a team, technically and tactically with the purpose of winning games. Players need to understand that their personal performance in training and games and good attitude (being coachable) will lead to more playing time. Nothing is guaranteed. Players will play 1-2 positions

U17/19 preparation for the next level. At the collegiate level results are very important. Player’s performance will lead to more time on the field. Executing technical and tactical information in a game situation will lead to successful performances and the right results on the field. Attendance and attitude (again being coachable) at training and games is a must. Players play 1-2 positions."