Our Structure



Orlando City Seminole Leagues

  • ECNL 
    • Attend 2-3 ECNL showcases annually (including the Winter Showcase that we host at Seminole Soccer Complex).
    • Girls play in a Southeast Region League
    • Boys play in a Florida Region League
    • Train at minimum 3 times a week during their season and break for High School during the winter. 
    • Train 4 times a week
    • Players do not play high school
    • Play in a Florida Region League
    • Possible events and/or games out of state
  • ECNL Regional
    • Train 2-3 times a week 
    • Play in a Florida Region League
    • 2-4 tournaments during the year, some may be out of state.
    • Participate in Florida Cup
  • Florida Academy League
    • Train 2-3 times a week 
    • Play Florida Region League
    • Possible out of state tournaments
  • GCFYSL - Purple
    • Train 2-3 times a week
    • Play in a Central Florida based league
    • 2-4 tournaments possible during the year
    • High school players break for high school

All players are coached in the Orlando City system and philosophy of play by professional coaches. All players try out for teams in May, a standard time for all clubs in Florida. The tryout period is dictated by our governing bodies (FYSA and US Club).  Player movement between teams is possible throughout the year, as determined necessary and appropriate by coaches and the club staff.